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I am sorry I cannot answer individual claims questions.

All VA Claims questions should be posted on our forums. Read the forums without registering. To post, you must register. It’s free Sign Up.

Some Tips from one of our members on posting on the forums.

exclamation-point.pngPost straightforward questions and then post background information.
  • Question A. I was previously denied for apnea – Should I refile a claim?
    • Adding Background information in your post will help members understand what information you are looking for so they can assist you in finding it.
Rephrase the question: I was diagnosed with apnea in service and received a CPAP machine, but the claim was denied in 2008. Should I refile?
  • Question B. I may have PTSD- how can I be sure?
    • See how the details below give us a better understanding of what you’re claiming.
Rephrase the question: I was involved in a traumatic incident on base in 1974 and have had nightmares ever since, but I did not go to mental health while enlisted. How can I get help?
This gives members a starting point to ask clarifying questions like “Can you post the Reasons for Denial of your claim?”
  • Your first posts on the board may be delayed before they appear as they are reviewed. This process does not take long.
  • Your first posts on the board may be delayed before they appear as they are reviewed. The review requirement will usually be removed by the 6th post. However, we reserve the right to keep anyone on moderator preview.
  • This process allows us to remove spam and other junk posts before hitting the board. We want to keep the focus on VA Claims, and this helps us do that.

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