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C&P Exam results automatically file for secondary claims?

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I am currently rated at 0% for chronic Achilles tendonitis and 0% for right foot injury. I have been going to my primary care physician and orthopedic doctor for years now to build up a case for increasing my disability. My orthopedic doctor did the DBQ form for feet and had me down for left foot hallux rigidus and chronic Achilles tendonitis, right foot neuritis and hyperparathesia, and both feet chronic plantar fasciitis and pes planus. He noted that all these were the result of my previous military injuries. I filed a claim for increased compensation for my existing injuries and uploaded all my civilian doctor exams and my DBQ from my orthopedic doctor.
I was scheduled for a C&P exam through VES and did that in May. The doctor was a prior service doctor and agreed with everything my orthopedic doctor said. After a month, I got a notice from the VA saying that my chronic Achilles tendonitis claim is deferred and that my right foot neuritis was deferred , but they did change my right foot injury to 10% for metatarsalgia. I was then referred to VES yet again and this time the doctor was different and was an foot specialist and looked only at my right foot. I had the doctor go over both feet and take notes about everything, my Achilles, pes planus, plantar fasiitis, etc.
My question is this. Since the doctors noted that I have all of the other conditions, would the VA automatically look at this for secondary claims and award me a rating or do I have to file that separately? Could I just add a statement claim since it is in the system as a FDC claim now? I can’t see the VES doctors notes but I believe both of them that they would annotate all of that information. I think I should be looking at a good percentage based on my pes planus and chronic plantar fasciitis. Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help!


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