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Definition of Domiciliary Care

VA Disability

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) proposes to amend its rule defining domiciliary care, to accurately reflect the scope of services currently provided under the Domiciliary Care Program. VA’s Domiciliary Care Program provides a temporary home to certain veterans, which includes the furnishing of shelter, goods, clothing and other comforts of home, as well as medical services. In 2005 VA designated its Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program (MH RRTP) as a type of domiciliary care. MH RRTP provides clinically intensive residential rehabilitative services to certain mental health patient populations. We propose to amend the definition of domiciliary care to reflect that domiciliary care includes MH RRTP. In addition, VA domiciliary care, as a matter of long-standing practice, includes non-permanent housing, but this is not clear in the regulation. The proposed rule would clarify that domiciliary care provides temporary, not permanent, residence to affected veterans.



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