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You need 40 quarters (10 years) to get SSI when you retire.  You need to have worked within the last 5 years to get SSDI.
I don’t think you can get around those two rules.
You do not need to work for 10 years to get SSDI.  An example would be when you get/got hurt right after you got into the work force.
The Social Security system, both SSI and SSDI are like the VA compensation system.  No one knows about them until it is too late some/most of the time.
Both, should be taught in High School.  You start working at that time and you have to sign up for selective service.
Would not hurt to know the rules before the game starts.
Not too many people know that you have had to have worked in the past 5 years to get SSDI.  Just think how many persons toughed it out for 6-10 years and finally gave up and went to get thier SSDI only to find out they were a day short.
Anyway, my rant for the day, Hope you find some good news, Hamslice


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