Does 100% unemployability get additional benefits?

VA Disability

100% unemployability benefits? Are they the same as 100% schedular benefits?

I am 70% rated for PTSD and recently denied secondary for sleep apnea.  I now understand it is virtually impossible to get to 100% after having a 70% rating.  That plus the 10% for Tinnitus, and then if another 50% for sleep apnea still doesn’t get it done so, I am not going to pursue it further.

So, money really isn’t the issue. Still, my question is, if one is given the 100% for unemployability (I know a lot more $$ is there), does this also get the veteran the same benefits as a 100% disability?

For example, would the veteran now get dental care?

Does the veteran’s spouse get health care benefits?  My neighbor is 100%, and his wife broke her leg.  $250K later, she is OK, and the VA paid for all of it. She is just the spouse, not military herself, etc.  How is this so?

Would the state regulations kick in for 100% disabled veterans on property tax exemption?

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