Draft report finding little wrongdoing at Manchester VA met with skepticism

VA News

Dr. William “Ed” Kois outside his home in Newburyport, Mass. Kois believes many of his patients at the VA Hospital in Manchester, N.H., have received substandard care that has left many of them disabled.
Keith Bedford/Globe Staff

“I’m just astounded and disgusted. I can’t even believe – they made this thing look like some sort of farce that had no basis in reality,” said Dr. Ted Daly, who stepped down as chief of radiology out of frustration with the hospital’s administration. He still works at the Manchester VA. “It’s almost like the people who wrote this investigation didn’t even care what any of us had to say and had pre-ordained thoughts about what the outcome was going to be.” https://www.newhampshire.com/veterans/draft-report-finding-little-wrongdoing-at-manchester-va-met-with-skepticism-20180923

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