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Hello, I have been looking through the forums trying to get an idea of what to expect during the appeals process, and I learned a lot! Thank you to everyone on here who shares their past experiences and wisdom. I am hoping to get some advice, feedback, or even speculation as to how strong my appeal is. I have been going through the Schedule of Ratings for Mental Disorders to try and figure out where I might fall on that spectrum, but I fit in several categories. Can anyone share their opinion on where I fall? I know this is all speculation, and each case is unique, so I’m not going to take this as gospel. I’m just trying to get an idea of what other people who have experience with this think of my case. Right now I have no clue whether or not my IMOs, C&P exam, personal statement, and my mom’s statement are any good or if I may have included any information that could hurt my case. Attached is all of the evidence I submitted with my NOD. A couple of notes: I didn’t tell the C&P exam psychologist that I had a personality disorder, I told him I did NOT have one. However, he wrote that I admitted to having one. Also, the progress notes page with the highlighted sentence is from my psychiatrist’s progress notes. One attached file is my personal statement, the other file is everything else. Brief history: I had what I believe was a manic episode in the Marines and was discharged with a borderline personality disorder after some shady stuff with my command and the navy psychiatrist, was untreated following discharge for 7 years, had another episode in 2014 that led to me being diagnosed with bipolar 1, my docs urged me to file for benefits because they think this started in the Marines, denied, appeal submitted. Thank you for your time and input!

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