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DRO Review Questions

VA Disability

  1. Yes, they can/do award without hearings all the time.
  2. Yes, he will look at tdiu denial especially if the “new evidence” was relevant to the tdiu denial OR if the new evidence had a potential of putting you in the “schedular” category of TDIU, that is, your combined rating could potentially be 60 or 70%.
  3. Sure, if the new evidence established evidence of a higher disability percentage.

The fact that VA reopened due to New and Material evidence, 38 cfr 3.156 is good. But you need to follow up to make sure that VA was not lying to you. Did you check ebenefits and does it show a pending claim? Do you have any other documentation that VA has reopened your claim due to 3.156? It helps if you tatoo this on your arm, if you need to remember it.

Podcast Follow Up To New and Material Evidence 38 Cfr 3.156 (C)



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