EED time line?

VA Disability

Are they a limitation time line to file for un correct EED?
Going back 15 years ago?
If a veteran finds that the VA never awarded his EED and has the records to prove they didn’t?
Veteran files first claim in 1997 and was denied..then he files a disagreement but not with in the NOD Time line and claim was closed… 1998 Veteran files to Reopen the claim VA accepts this Reopen and Veteran files for compensation for the same disability..VA awards Service connection at 0% ..ok here is the kicker Veteran in year 2000 Veteran is sent for C&P on this particular claim and was awarded 50% in 2000.
They started paying the Veteran for the 50%increase the following month 4 -17-2000 at the 50% historic rate of 609.00
Should the Veteran REOPEN that claim and request the EED be paid back to the 1998 decision as to when they first S.C. him? but never paid him a dime until he was awarded the 500% in 2000 and was paid for that the following month.
Since this happen the Veteran filed for increase and was awared a 10% and 30% for increase and was ratd a combined rating @90% because this S.C. Disability the Veteran could no longer work and was awarded TDIU P&T & Currently with two more awards with SMC-S AND K
Can the veteran Reopen this claim and get his almost 28 months of Back pay he never received back in 1998 to 2000???



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