Effective date and missing condition on claim

a few years ago, I did not claim rhinitis. It already exists as a chronic issue during my service and I know I can claim it as service connected. However, I was wondering what I can do to preserve the effective date. I already know the regulation about the effective date ( claim date or arousal of entitlement, whichever is later ). However, I already claimed headaches during the first year and I got denied for it. I was wondering if I could have an ENT doctor write a nexus letter to tie in headaches to rhinitis ( Headaches are one of the most common symptoms of it ). Would you think that would be a good argument, considering I’m not a doctor and I could not have known that my headaches are connected to my rhinitis?
2nd issue, During my first claim, I did 2 claims, one on paper at the regional office, and the other on ebenefits. All the claims were combined together in the end, but I have noticed that one of my conditions was missing entirely. I already have a copy of that paper, but there is no VA time stamp on it, the person who did it only put the date and his initials at the side of the paper. I was wondering if I can retrieve the original paper somehow to prove that the condition was claimed. I already requested the C-file. hoping that it’s on there. This condition was also present throughout my military records extensively, so it’s not like I’m trying to make anything up.
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Author: WPTangerine


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