Employees worried VA used veterans as ‘cash cows’ to boost funding

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Cooking the books again? Another numbers game at VA, that has little or nothing to do with “caring for those that borne the battle”

Another email encouraged more clinics to make more calls in order to keep up the headcount. “I am looking at some clinics who have not made any calls,” that email said. “It is not too late.”
Another encouraged calls to “get some minimal reimbursement.”
“Even if the patient is vested, you get no money if you do not encounter them every year,” it said.

“It’s not at all about veteran centric care … This is strictly about the cheddar, the bling, the dough,” one employee commented in the emails. “The veterans are being viewed as ‘cash cows’ to milk for $9M which equals $4,285.71,” an employee added in a separate email, noting the plan had to be completed by the end of the fiscal year to “get that pot of gold.”

In light of those messages, some employees were asking if the plan was ethical. One employee said several workers in the VA were “visibly uneasy” about the idea. “Are other VA’s doing this to fix a deficit?” one worker asked.
“I don’t foresee one penny going towards veterans other than adding to the slush fund for [management’s] excess and more art work,” another said.
Despite those worries from several workers, the Veterans Affairs rejected the idea that anything improper  was happening, and said it’s common practice for the VA to follow up with veterans. VA press secretary Curt Cashour added that there is no evidence that the VA billed out phone calls as medical visits.

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