Exclusive: Congress Is Quietly Trying To Pass A ‘GI Bill 3.0’ By Memorial Day

VA News

But some vets say the plan would tax the lowest-paid service members, and they worry Congress is more interested in a photo op than in good policy.

‘The hearing was announced when everyone was gone.’

Since March, the House Committee on Veterans Affairs has solicited input from veterans groups — but just a few of them — and quietly scheduled a subcommittee hearing on the GI Bill proposals for 10 am on April 26, even though that hearing has not yet been posted on the House calendar or the committee’s web page.

“The hearing was announced when everyone was gone,” a Democratic staffer for the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, who requested anonymity to speak about internal matters, told T&P. “Our members aren’t here, they’re in their districts.” That means the congressional panel that will mark up the GI Bill won’t have much time to prepare for the process.

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