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Filed Claim 1 Dec 2020. NPRC says it sent my Records to VA 21 May 21. VA says it is waiting for NPRC to send records.

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Hi Board,

US Army vet needs advice on nudging NPRC and VA to acknowledge where my service records are and move my Tinnitus claim forward to a decision.

By way of background info, I filed an online claim with the VA on 1 Dec 2020. I tracked the progress online and noticed it was stuck on evidence gathering for several months. I then requested (online) for the VA to make a decision, since I had no further evidence to submit. I attended a C&P exam on May 21, but my claim remained stuck on “Evidence Gathering.”

I reached out to my congressman and both senators; one senator ignored me but the other senator and my congressman promptly replied around 20 Jun 2020 (OK, a staffer :) ) The VA says they requested my records around 28 Dec 2020 and 15 Mar 2021- and were still waiting. The National Public Records Center says my records were sent to the VA on 21 May 2021 and are no longer in their custody. 

During July, I have called the VA twice and was told they are still waiting for my records from the NPRC. 

Any advice on how to proceed? I’m stuck in limbo between two government agencies that are not taking responsibility and I have yet to find a decision maker that can move my claim towards a decision.

Thanks in advance!



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