Filing a MH claim

Hi everyone!  As usual I appreciate everyone’s input and opinions on all the subjects I read about here.

Now on to my question.  I have been seeing a VA Doctor for about 6 months now for a couple of MH issues I’ve had.  Some are related to my hearing loss (service connected) and depression and some are related to an event when I was on active duty.  The VA doc gave me a diagnosis of “unspecified traumatic stress disorder”, insomnia and anxiety.  My PCP based off of the phycologist opinion prescribed me a med to control the anxiety, stress and depression.  My question is if I decide to file a claim for VA compensation should I wait awhile longer seeing as I have only been seeing a doctor for about 6 months or does that really matter?  Second I felt comfortable filing a claim on my own for my hearing issue and knees on my own but I’m a little hesitate on this one.  Should I use a VSO/DAV group or just move forward with all my current evidence like I have in the past.  I’m comfortable filing the claim I just want to make sure I don’t miss anything important.

Thank you again for your help.