When You Get a VA Ratings Decision, Should You File an Appeal, Request to Reopen, or Seek Reconsideration?

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[Reprinted here with permission from Veterans Law Blog]When it comes to the current options for challenging a VA Ratings Decision, Veterans often send me emails asking what do they do..which option do they choose? To begin answering that question, let me tell you a story. Every so often, my wife and I trade out our family chores. She pays the bills, I go grocery shopping….she goes to work, I sit around eating bon-bons all day. Just kidding…my wife is probably a harder worker than I am, and those of you that know me know that means something. 
When I first went grocery shopping for the family, toothpaste was on the list. Have you seen the toothpaste section in the grocery store? There are over 352 different types.  Seriously, the Wall Street Journal researched it back in 2011. There is toothpaste for tartar control, for sensitive teeth, for whitening teeth, flouride, no flouride, every flavor imaginable…I couldn’t even FIND our usual brand in all that mess of colorful labels and boxes, no less decide if our usual brand was the “right” one to buy. So many choices when it comes to a simple thing like toothpaste.  Too many choices, really. To avoid having to suffer this dilemma again, we now order our toothpaste online. Screw the complexity. The toothpaste situation is a metaphor for VA Appeals.
When you get a VA Rating Decision denying your claim – which 80% of you will get the first time around unless you do things the right way – you have several choices.

If Congre$$ and the Big 6 (the VSOs that, even though stuck in the 1940s, run the legislative corral in Congre$$) have their way in 2017, you will be faced with a NEW and IMPROVED appeals path that looks like it was written by a drunk cow. Seriously, here’s a leaked picture of the new and improved confusion-fest that is the VA Appeals process the VSOs and VA wanted to implement to “improve” the BVA appeal process.
VA Appeals
Unbelievable, right?   It’s like the toothpaste scenario all over again. But, I digress.  To answer the question at hand – which option should a Veteran choose when they receive an adverse VA Ratings Decision – here’s my vote. Do all of them. But do them in a very particular sequence.
Here’s why:
Step 1:  File a Notice of Disagreement (NOD):  Do this first.  Do this as soon as possible after you receive a VA Ratings Decision, and you will “jump the BVA Appeal line” in front of thousands of Veterans and get your appeal heard sooner.
The Notice of Disagreement is the most important document in this sequence, as from it are borne all manner of legal rights.
The VA will try to talk you into withdrawing your appeal if you agree to resolve one of the following other methods, but don’t fall for it.
Remind them that you cannot by law settle a VA claim, as that would be asking the government to pay less than it is obligated to pay by law.
Need help strengthening your argument in your NOD and making it more persuasive to VA Bureaucrats?
Check out my training video, “Get to the Point”(Check out the other Training Videos available at the Veterans Law Blog while you are at it: How to File a VA ClaimHow to Get AND USE a copy of your C-FileHow to prove the 4 Pillars of a VA Service Connection claim)



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