Getting Your Documents In Order

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Military records and Claims folder’s

  • If you have paper versions of these, first make a copy of each file on a different color paper such as buff or yellow. That way you will be able to tell what is the copy and what is the original.
  • Use the color copy for your claims works.
  • You Military Medical records. Number the pages 1 – whatever. Then on a separate piece of paper make an index, as you go through your medical records page by page, line by boring line. When you see something that supports your claim highlight it and put a letter next to it then on your index page note the entry with the page number and letter.
    • Example
      • 20-A Treated for GI problems, medications given were blah blah blah. This way when you look for it you just go to page 20 item A and there it is.
  • Also you can have a rubber stamp made with your full name social security number and address use this stamp at the bottom or top of each page you submit to the Veterans Affairs if it gets lost it will be easy to see which page goes to which claim.



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