Go or don’t – C and P exam after just being rated P and T.

VA Disability

Ok, so are you saying you have a scheduled C and P exam, just a few weeks after your getting P and T? Go to the exam. Dont even think about missing a C and P exam.
Reserve ONE hour, every week, for nothing but worrying. During that hour, worry about your reductions, your finances, your health, your kids..heck even worry about getting hit by an asteroid, or getting struck with the Bird flu.
However, for the “other” 167 hours in each week, dont worry about any of that stuff. Instead of worrying, occupy your mind with something productive, like one or more of these, or think up your own:
1. Call a friend you have not called for a long time.
2. Reconnect with your spouse.
3. Visit your grandchildren.
4. Go to the zoo.
5. Go fishing.
6. Read a great book.
7. Make something with your hands, like turn a pen on a lathe, or what ever you like to build.
8. Go talk to a manager of a resteraunt and tell the manager about a waiter or waitress that gave you excellent service.
9. Go to church.
10. Do something nice for someone else, for no good reason.
11. Help someone else. Spend some time figuring out how to do just that. Give them a kind word, if nothing else. When you help someone else up the hill, you get closer to the top yourself.
12. Quit a bad habit.
13. Start some new good habits.
14. Learn to play chess, or, if you already know, then get a book and study to improve your skills.
15. Help another Veteran with his claims.
16. Find someone who is worse off than your self and help them. You may have to look in a nursing home. You will find people worse off than you, and many will be glad to see you, especially if you are nice to them and spend time with them.
Any one of these 16 things will be better than worrying and accomplish more. Save your worrying for that ONE hour, per week.



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