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“Gold Star Wives of America, Inc.
United we stand to win, Divided we fall – and are forgotten
Dear Gold Star Wives,

The events in Afghanistan have been heartbreaking these past 24 hours. Our members whose spouses lost their lives to this war, those still trying to get out, our allies, our members who are flashing back to memories of Saigon, Vietnam and other wars where similar endings occurred. My heart goes out to you all during this time.

We have many partners we collaborate with and who support us. If you are struggling with frustration, anger or hurt and would like emotional support of any kind, I encourage you to reach out to our partner, TAPS who provides free services to survivors. The following is a message they sent this morning.  

“The true lessons of war are not in what our warriors died for but for what, and for whom, they lived. And it is our sincere hope you will allow us to walk beside you, help bear any burden you may be feeling, and remember your loved one with you. Day or night, no matter what you are feeling, your TAPS Family is here.” www.taps.org or call 800-959-8277

We are stronger together, please lean on each other and feel free to reach out to me anytime.  


Tamra Sipes

National President

Gold Star Wives of America, Inc.



Direct: 360-914-0800

Office: 888-751-6350

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