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Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) Explained

My overall disability rating is 90% (technically 86% but rounded up to 90%). Yesterday I was approved for depression which was rated at 50% (it is what I expected since I still work). My rating is still 90% (93% with the depression but rounded down to 90%). I realize that every veteran on this site also has to deal with VA math. For me I find this VA math adds to my depression as well as anxiety levels, but the bright side I am now a little bit closer to 100% P&T. Hopefully my appeal which is pending as well as the higher level review I need to file once I get the BBE from the VA for this last claim (I also had two other issues which appear not to have been approved). I will make it to the 100% P&T.

Thanks for listening to me wine…:😐


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As many of you know it’s been a bit of a crazy year. Our founder Tbird gifted the site to me, Rattler. I set up a nonprofit for and we have been running it that way since about March 2023.

We do need your donations to help keep us online and reaching veterans. In that vein, we have switched our donating platform to

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Examining Your Service Medical Records

Military records and VA Claims folder’s  If you have paper versions of these, first make a copy of each file on a different color paper

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