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Background Notes
The United States has made a long-term commitment to help Afghanistan rebuild itself after years of war.  The U.S., along with others in the international community, currently provides resources and expertise to Afghanistan in a variety of areas, including humanitarian relief and assistance, capacity-building, security needs, counter-narcotic programs, and infrastructure projects.  The U.S. also supports the Afghan Government in its efforts to establish a framework for a vibrant civil society, one that emphasizes democratic principles through a rule of law and creates accountable and transparent forms of government.
The United States and its international partners remain committed to helping Afghans realize their vision for a country that is stable, democratic, and economically successful, and to an Afghan government committed to the protection of women’s rights, human rights, and religious tolerance.
Additional Resources
VA has brochures and other information for veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom available on the Web:

Veterans Benefits Information
Information for Iraqi Freedom Veterans
Afghanistan Service Information
PTSD and Iraq Veterans
VA Health Care Enrollment Information
Brochures and Publications, Including:
* A Summary of VA Benefits for National Guard and Reserve Personnel
* Health Care and Assistance for U.S. Veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom
Online Benefits Applications
Women Veterans Health and Benefits Information

“Gulf War Reports: Each year the Research Working Group prepares an Annual Report to Congress on Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses”
Veterans Health Initiative (VHI) Gulf War
Dep(leted) Uranium Handbook September 2, 2004
Dep Uranium 1303.4 (NonGulfWar) March 2004
Dep Uranium 1303.1 (Gulf War) February 2004
Evaluation Protocol for Gulf War and Iraqi Freedom Veterans with Potential Exposure to Dep Uranium (DU) Handbook
Dep Uranium Codesheet
Health Care and Assistance for U.S. Veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom 
Combined Analysis of the VA and DoD Gulf War Clinical Evaluation Programs (A Study of the Clinical Findings from Systematic Medical Examinations of 100,339 U.S. Gulf War Veterans) – September 2002
Gulf War Research: A Report to Veterans October 2003 (English)(Espanol)
Q&A Brochure – Gulf War Illnesses, August 2003  (English) (Espanol)
Information Bulletin10-42, March 2004 (Espanol)
Information Bulletin 10-41, March 2004 (Espanol)
Journal Article Summaries
Gulf War Manual
Gulf War Fact Sheet April 2000 
Dep Uranium Frequently Asked Questions
GulfLINK Medical Information
The Medsearch site contains Gulf-War research-related information.   Medsearch is a collaborative effort of three departments-the Defense Department, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Health and Human Services.  It is designed to help both veterans and researchers, by enabling veterans to go to one location to access medical information and research, and allowing researchers an easier way to keep track of the research being done throughout the federal government.

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