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Had VA Compensation and Pension Exam For Increases (Migraines, PTSD, Foot Pain, And Knees) Not Sure If It Went Well

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So I went on Friday. Saw two examiners. I didn’t have time to submit my Statements in Support of Claims (PTSD & knees) my wife and adult children filled out, but I had them read them while I was there.  I just uploaded them on Monday.

The first was a Nurse Practitioner.

  • She checked my feet and knees. I don’t know if this was the smartest idea, but I didn’t wear my AFO or knee brace initially because I wanted her to see how I walk and move unassisted.  I put it on after her examination and showed her how I’m still not stable on that leg no matter which apparatus I’m using.
    • I explained my quality of life at work sucked because there’s only one elevator, which means I walk twice as far to use it. I work upstairs and have almost fallen several times.
    • I also told her I was concerned because the last rater wrote I was doing good with my orthotic insoles when I 100 percent told him that I can’t use the Navy-issued insoles for regular shoes. My feet rating was decreased because of that. So I made it clear verbally that I was not getting better.
  • For the Migraines increase, I showed her my migraine tracker chart, and she barely looked at it. It shows that I missed over 100 hours of work last year due to migraines.

The second was the Psychiatrist.

  • She didn’t ask me much about anything my VA psychologist wrote in her nexus letter.
  • She skimmed over my buddy statements.
  • She asked me about six questions, pretty much (yes or no) 
    • when was my last fight
    • about my job
    • am I taking my medications
    • have I been arrested
    • about my work history
    • about my sleep
  • It lasted about 15 minutes.

So who knows what is going to happen? All I know is I left there without any confidence that the evidence nor my exams helped.

We’ll see.

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