Help for Father-in-Law


Hello All,

My 91-year-old father-in-law is getting weaker by the day with all kinds of medical problems from COPD to bladder cancer to just being old.

I’m pretty certain that he told me years ago that he is 40% compensated for hearing loss due to his 20+ year career spent as a jet engine mechanic in the Air Force. 

His 81-year-old wife, that he’s been married to for 60+ years, is in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s and I’m going to make an effort to see if I can get him to sit down with me and go over his VA benefits and his finances and see if he has a will with an executor assigned.

I’ve got a number of questions and I’m sure more will come up as the months pass by. 

Here goes:

1.  Since he has Tri-Care how are his wife’s health benefits affected when he passes?

2.  Will Tri-Care pay any benefits if she moves into a 24/7 Alzheimer’s care facility.  

3. Will Tri-Care pay for any Alzheimer care facility costs?

4. She gets a few hundred dollars a month from Social Security and since her husband gets a bigger Social Security check, will she be entitled to part of it?

5. Will her or his Social Security pay any additional for Alzheimer’s care?

6. Since he has had his VA rating for over 10 years, will she be able to collect any DIC monthly benefit when he dies?

7. At this point, I don’t know if either one of them has Medicare insurance.  If they do, does that help or if they don’t, does that help?

Again, I’m going to try and meet with him in the next month or so and start formulating a game plan because when I saw him a few days ago, he told me he did not know what was going to happen to his wife should he die first.  

I’d like to get some thing in the works to ease his mind. He has enough to worry about.