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VA Disability

I would like to know what is the VA’s policy number and any documentation on not paying for maintenance therapy. I have been getting aqua therapy for about 9 months through the choice program due to my pain from fibromyalgia and arthritis and now now they cut it off said VA don’t pay for maintenance therapy to use my own insurance and join a gym with pool and do it on my own. So I am in therapy doing ok managing my pain but since i will not improve they cut it off and let me regress and go back to being in severe pain then what do I do? What is our next steps to get this approved or what other options do I have. I will do a Congressional Inquiry soon, so please let me know ASAP what can be done. it’s just not right that since someone will not get better that the VA kicks them to the curb. They do pay for long term care why not long term therapy for pain management?



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