Hey Congress! Don’t Cut My VA Disability Benefits!

VA Disability

Proposed cuts to VA Disability Benefits in CBO’s Options for Reducing the Deficit 2023 – 2032

No talk about reducing tax cuts to the rich to reduce the deficit, but let’s take it from the veterans – cause you know they haven’t given enough.

Oh, brother, don’t even get me started. Thanks to Hill and Ponton for their article Ways Congress is Trying to Take Your VA Disability Benefits Away. Worth a read when you get a chance.

The article refers to the Congressional Budget Office Options for Reducing the Deficit, 2023 to 2032

It’s pretty big, so I pulled the parts out. I think you should read each of them. So I extracted the pertinent sections and am providing them here for your reference.

Contact Congress and Let Tell Them How You Feel About Protecting Our Hard Earned VA Disability Benefits

How to Contact Your Member of Congress

Member websites provide comprehensive contact information: Representatives | Senators


CBO’s Options for Reducing the Deficit 2023 – 2032 OPTIONS FOR REDUCING THE DEFICIT, 2023 TO 2032—VOLUME I: LARGER REDUCTIONS December 2022

Click on the images below to open the full PDF.

Option 10 — Means-Test VA Disability Compensation for Veterans With Higher Income

Option 15 — End VA’s Individual Unemployability Payments to Disabled Veterans at the Full Retirement Age for Social Security

Option 16 — Reduce VA’s Disability Benefits for Veterans Who Are Older Than the Full Retirement Age for Social Security

Option 17 —Narrow Eligibility for VA’s Disability Compensation by Excluding Veterans With Low Disability Ratings

Option 44 —Revenues Include VA’s Disability Payments in Taxable Income

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