Historic COMP Payments?

Anyone know how we can get copies of our Historic Monthly Payments  back to original award date’s?

I was on e benefits today and clicked on historic payments  and selected ALL  and it only goes back to 5/30/2008

I Need it to go back to Dec 20 2002.for my TDIU P&T Award

and back to 4/1/2000  the date for a 50% increase before the TDIU Award.

So 4/1 2000 for 50%  and then from 12/20/2002 AT 100%

Anybody know how we can get this information?

E Benefits or VA .Gov  only goes back to these payment from May 30/2008  so my 50%is not included  but I need to know when they started paying me for the IU @ 100% And how much each month was?   all the way to the present date of Dec 31/2020.

Thank you All in Advance.