Holiday Greeting Card to the Sandbox Download and send.


The Greeting to the Sandbox was originally painted before Christmas 2007 to serve as a “cyber Christmas card” from any American at home to an American warrior in the Sandbox (esoteric slang for the Iraq and Afghanistan theatres). Once downloaded, the Greeting could be forwarded through cyberspace from anyone to a friend or loved one halfway around the world where the message was ultimately aimed.

Please download and forward this Sandbox Greeting Cyber Christmas Card.




The Greeting was embraced and forwarded by veterans’ rights organizations and former American warriors from coast to coast. The Greeting was printed and placed by the bedsides of all the wounded at Walter Reed, the local Fisher House, and the local USO. By way of a chance encounter at Midway Airport in Chicago, a recently-returned squadron commander forwarded the message to his whole squadron still in Iraq.

It is coming on to Christmas, and Americans are still deployed in the Iraq and Afghanistan theatres and elsewhere in the Middle East and South Asia. The aim and intent of this Greeting for them is the same intent as it was nine years ago for their former comrades in arms.

Take a minute, send the Greeting from home through cyberspace until it lands in the “Sandbox,” and put a smile on a most deserving American warrior’s face.

Tad Foster
Combat Veteran – USMC, 4th Combined Action Group
Vietnam ’68-‘69

Please download and forward this Cyber Christmas Card.



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