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Most Prevalent Service Connected Disabilities FY 2016

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The most common VA disabilities:

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Most Prevalent SC Disabilities – by Disability Type – Numbers are the number of disabilities not veterans. One veteran may have multiple disabilities
Most prevalent SC disabilities of all compensation recipients
Total number
Body systemDisability type
Limitation of motion of a joint or appendage272,507,661
Lumbosacral or cervical strain844,353
Degenerative arthritis of the spine432,550
Impairment of the knee, general410,991
MusculoskeletalTraumatic arthritis278,209
Degenerative arthritis266,707
Tendon inflammation262,660
Flatfoot, acquired253,158
Total most prevalent musculoskeletal disabilities5,256,289
All musculoskeletal disabilities7,779,603
Paralysis of a nerve or nerve group (all types) 271,339,539
NeurologicalInflammation of a nerve or nerve group (all types) 27197,171
Neuralgia of a nerve or nerve group (all types) 27121,756
Brain disease due to trauma110,534
Total most prevalent neurological disabilities2,205,339
All neurological disabilities2,299,581
Impaired vision – one or both eyes56,139
Blind in one or both eyes52,431
The EyeConjunctivitis25,284
Unhealed eye injury17,861
Total most prevalent eye related disabilities151,715
All eye related disabilities267,124
Most prevalent SC disabilities of all compensation recipients
Period of service (POS)DisabilityTotal number% of all POS disabilities
Hearing loss37,20318.18%
Residuals of cold injury11,4595.60%
Post-traumatic stress disorder9,2804.53%
Scars, general7,5193.67%
Generalized anxiety disorder4,2372.07%
World War IIScars, superficial (tender)4,1792.04%
Traumatic arthritis3,0791.50%
Scars, head, face or neck2,8701.40%
Flatfoot, acquired2,7401.34%
Total most prevalent World War II disabilities108,54153.03%
All World War II disabilities204,671
Hearing loss65,85321.70%
Residuals of cold injury16,9875.60%
Post-traumatic stress disorder11,0203.63%
Scars, general10,0483.31%
Scars, superficial (tender)5,4631.80%
Korean ConflictParalysis of the sciatic nerve3,9531.30%
Scars, head, face or neck3,8791.28%
Lumbosacral or cervical strain3,6801.21%
Traumatic arthritis3,1901.05%
Total most prevalent Korean Conflict disabilities178,83758.92%
All Korean Conflict disabilities303,523
Period of serviceDisabilityTotal number% of all POS disabilities
Hearing loss471,9109.11%
Post-traumatic stress disorder387,5637.48%
Diabetes mellitus370,1627.14%
Paralysis of the sciatic nerve266,9375.15%
Scars, general208,6814.03%
Arteriosclerotic heart disease (coronary artery disease)180,4153.48%
Vietnam EraPenile deformity145,7782.81%
(loss of erectile power)
Malignant growths of genitourinary system100,8131.95%
Paralysis of the median nerve82,2641.59%
Total most prevalent Vietnam Era disabilities2,706,27052.23%
All Vietnam Era disabilities5,181,361
Lumbosacral or cervical strain669,9975.05%
Limitation of flexion, knee635,8834.79%
Scars, general501,6643.78%
Post-traumatic stress disorder446,2153.36%
Limitation of motion of the ankle416,8393.14%
Gulf War EraMigraine378,1252.85%
Degenerative arthritis of the spine337,8752.55%
Hearing loss325,1452.45%
Impairment of the knee, general278,8802.10%
Total most prevalent Gulf War Era disabilities4,820,74536.34%
All Gulf War Era disabilities13,265,462


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