How to apply for disability for Hypothyroidism

VA Disability

I’m currently at 70%, pending an appeal for PTSD. Over the last couple years, VA has been watching my thyroid (multiple nodules), ended up having a total thyroidectomy this past December, so I am on the Synthroid roller coaster, trying to get my levels under control, dealing with depression, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to cold, nausea, dry skin, headaches, fatigue, etc. – this condition has severely impacted/changed my way of life. I’ve always had struggles with my weight, being borderline for the weigh-ins, was put on the PT program because I was over the body fat %, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea (non-service connected; they never tested me while I was active duty). How do I approach applying for service connection for the hypothyroidism with secondary sleep apnea (OSA) and depression? People are telling me that there’s a clear nexus there to prove service connection.



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