How to file FDC electronically

For all veterans that don’t know how to file  a claim electronically. 

It is faster than filing snail-mail. remember to keep all documents the VA Sends you, and make copies sent via e benefits, if you get documents from the VA in the mail its a good Ideal to keep these documents in a safe place  and keep them in the envelope they come in  for future use.

Save your claim on your computer  and make you a duplicate  for future use. (incase your computer fails or gets a sudden surge of electricity during a thunderstorm or you lose some of your information…its good to make your self a copy  put on disk and keep in a safe place. (for future use)  just incase.

Check this YouTube Video  out  How to file  ELECTRONICALLY on e benefits.

This lets you know how to file  or create your e benfits account.

– YouTube

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