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HR 4457 Veterans Empowerment Act – Not Empowering Despite the Name

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Have you seen HR 4457 The Veterans Empowerment Act? Employing an old marketing trick giving a name that makes it sound like something you want. I want veterans to be empowered, so why wouldn’t I support a bill with empowerment right in the tittle? The bill is not about empowering veterans, but it is about dismantling the Veterans Affairs.

VFW says “H.R. 4457, the Veterans Empowerment Act, would dismantle the VA health care system, charge veterans for service-connected health care, and reduce VA to an insurance program for veterans. Congressman Lamborn and bill cosponsors”
Read the full bill here

In this bill, there are five tiers of Premium Support based on the disability rating of the veteran. Then there are six additional paragraphs that cover Additional Premium Support based on need or income. Instead of introducing something that is untested and that would, in effect, reduce the type and amount of care our veterans need, let’s fix our current system.

HR 4457 would remove a direct voice to the president from our veterans, eliminating the Department of Veterans Affairs, a federal cabinet agency, and replacing it with a corporation managed by 11 members.
This bill also calls for the termination of the Veterans Health Administration. Many of our veterans rely on this organization in order to maintain a standard quality of life. This bill would eliminate the basic services many of our veterans need.




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