IBS rated twice with different dates

Greetings –

I am new to hadit and forgive me if this question has been asked.  

My question surrounds two ratings for the same thing with different dates.  As background, I was granted IBS with GERD in 2012 and recently had a grant for ulcerative colitis from an appeal.  On VA.gov it shows the grant for ulcerative colitis and ebenifits shows IBS with GERD and radiation proctitis for 30% in 2015, without mention of ulcerative colitis.  Both the radiation proctitis and ulcerative colitis were issues that had been applied for service connection.  

The two ratings for 30 percent for IBS are perplexing and I am assuming the VA is combining them all into IBS and determining that the 30 % rating is the maximum for all of this.  

I dont know if this is unique scenario but I am curious to see if anyone might have some insight or a similar experience.  

Kindly – Matt