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**IMPORTANT** Vendor Exams and rescheduling

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If you have a vendor exam and they cancel because of Covid they are supposed to reschedule when they are able, and alert us as well through our portal of the exam status (we log onto them and check anyway just in case). However if YOU call and cancel an exam and don’t reschedule (due to covid, difficulty, whatever) they are NOT reaching back out to reschedule. They are NOT closing the exams request, it just sits in stasis….and sits…..and sits……. you have to call them, or call/write/email/21-4138 US  so we can contact them to let them know you are open for scheduling contact again.


This just started in the last 2 weeks or so. There is no mass letter yet from us, and I don’t know if the vendors sent anything out or not. Here is what I have been sending to veterans that cross my desk that are in this situation. I got called out on it this morning by a Quality evaluator through my boss, but once I explained WHY I sent a letter (how are vets supposed know if the vendors don’t tell them, and VA hasn’t ginned up a letter of their own yet?) he decided to take it back up the chain so I wouldn’t get dinged for an unnecessary action that might delay a claim, and possibly add my text block to our list of ‘canned’ responses so we don’t have to type so much.


“Veteran Name….”

Vendors for Exams are no longer contacting veterans that have been unavailable for

appointments due to concerns about Covid-19. The exam request is still valid, but they are

waiting for contact back from the veteran before rescheduling examinations. Please

contact [VENDOR]  to reschedule to indicate willingness for physical or telehealth examination, or

contact VA at 1-800-827-1000 to let us know so we can contact the Vendor, or in writing via Ebenefits (VA Form 21-4138) if you  wish to reschedule or no longer wish to have these examinations performed.


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