Just had C&P exam now there are requesting service medical records?

VA Disability

When I logged in ebenefits it shows they have reviewed the document they requested (C&P exam request). Now there is a new request for me this time. It says they are requesting my service medical records. I submitted all of these already when I submitted my claim online.
Do I resubmit the documents I already submitted online? I have to request my C&P exam/ cray results since I dont have a premium account. Wouldn’t they have already reviewed my medical records before the exam? Not sure if this order of things is a bad sign or good sign about the way the claim is shaping.
It looks like they are requesting my original medical service records. Not sure why they allow you to upload them if they want the originals. I thought they would have done this very first thing.

Veterans Affairs is exasperating and your question is another example of that. Ok like folks have said it probably is a canned response, but we can’t be sure so

  1. You can resubmit them or
  2. Call the Veterans Affairs 800-827-1000 or
  3. Email them using the IRIS system here  This is the method I would suggest because you will have a paper trail.

When you can get your e-benefits login updated to premium so you can follow your claim status. Use the iRIS form get the skinny from them and go from there. Hang in.



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