K2 Veterans Update

CCK has just posted updated NDAA  info in the next post-this pertains ot the K 2 veterans- we have at least 2 K2 vets here but I cannot find their posts.


“Toxic Exposure Research – K2 Base
The NDAA also included a measure granting certain veterans access to the VA Burn Pit Registry to help track exposures.  Specifically, this will impact more than 15,000 veterans who served at a secret Soviet-era airbase in Karshi-Khanabad, Uzbekistan, and may have been exposed to dangerous levels of radiation and other hazards.

This base was built on a former chemical weapons factory.  Testing of the site revealed radiation levels were 7-9 times higher than normal.  Of the 15,000 or more veterans who passed through the base, 2,500 of them have reported rare illnesses and cancers.  This group of veterans has been labeled the “K2 Veterans.”

The 2021 NDAA also included a requirement that more research about the veterans’ exposures must be conducted.  An executive order was also later signed which required VA and the Department of Defense to identify which toxins were found on the base, where they were found, and who might have been exposed.  The executive order also required identification of the health consequences related to K2 to make decisions on what conditions will be covered by VA.”

New Laws for Veterans and Servicemembers in 2021: NDAA | CCK Law (cck-law.com)