Local veteran sues VA for $35M, claims bipolar misdiagnosis ended his career

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William Royster was treated for Bipolar Disorder Type II for more than 10 years before a doctor revealed he never had the condition.

Royster had his first appointment with Dr. Rebecca Merritt, a psychiatrist at the time, on June 13, 2003. He had a few more visits with her, and in April 2004, she diagnosed him with Bipolar Disorder Type II, a condition that she said was a lifelong, permanent diagnosis and meant he could not work in any capacity and should apply for disability benefits, court document stated. 

Because of the diagnosis, Royster was medically grounded from his job as a commercial pilot and was medically retired.

For the next 10 years, physicians at KCVA continued to treat Royster for bipolar disorder and assured him it was the correct diagnosis. Lawsuit documents state that during this period, KCVA employees “concealed from Mr. Royster pertinent facts, including that their Bipolar Disorder II diagnosis was incorrect.”

Royster began seeing Dr. Shreeja Kumar in early 2013, when his case was officially assigned to her.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.kshb.com

Wow – misdiagnosed and the truth hidden from William Royster, lost his career and who knows what else. Now he sues and we wait and see if justice will be served.



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