Lost active duty medical records, now what?

VA Disability

OK folks here’s a tough one.
Got a veteran who served active duty army from 1976-1979, one tour in Korea, then got out in the states in 1979. No reserve time, no further military duty.
The veteran was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea POST military, has a long history of sinus problems, BOTH in and out of the military, and his Dr. has agreed to write him a Nexus letter on the condition he can provide his ACTIVE duty medical records.
The problem is that NO active duty medical records came with his C-File! Here is a list of every place he/we have searched:
1. NPRC(no his records did not burn up there)
2. ALL VA hospitals he has been associated with, including his home town VA, the VA where he got out of the army, and all VA hospitals where he lives.
3. The VA itself told the veteran they can’t find his records as well.
Also note that the veteran was NEVER hospitalized in a VA facility.
So now what? Where else do we search?
2-2-0 HUAH!



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