When at my lowest, the best thing I did for myself was become grateful.

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When at my lowest, the best thing I did for myself was become grateful. I would find one thing to be grateful for each day.
Grateful that I found a good size cigarette butt in a VA ashtray.
Grateful that there was an extra roll of toilet paper I could swipe.
Grateful that I had a roof over my head.
Grateful I had a door and a lock.
It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t impossible and I truly believe that it made me a better person, and enriched my relationships with other people.
During those low years I practiced savoring moments and trying to commit them to memory, because those moments are fleeting and when down, out and alone I could pull those memories up and put myself inside them.
Don’t get me wrong my PTSD was new to me and I was raging and flashing back and fighting the suicide whisper and all the other ugliness that it brings. I just made sure to take a moment and think of something I was grateful for. Somedays I just thanked God for sending me an ass of a person to deal with so I had an opportunity to work on my anger management. Even if I wasn’t feeling it, I did it anyway.
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Attitude of Gratitude by weareonebyruth 

Power of gratitude is amazing.  For me it is one of the most powerful coping tools.  Here is some of the reasons why…..
1.  I recognize that good things are happening in my life.
2.  I look for and see the silver linings on dark clouds.
3.  Small things that often get ignored are noticed and add to my gratitude list.  Breathing is good.  Add it to the list of blessings.

More information available with a simple google search ptsd + grateful try it out.



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