Lumbar Segmental Dysfunction SCT 229042001


I am already service connected for Thoracolumbar DJD & DDD, at 20% for ROM (range of motion).  I have since been diagnosed with, Lumbar Segmental Dysfunction SCT 229042001 and also Paravertebral Muscle Spasm SCT 22209005.  I am currently reading the regulations and VA achieves to see what I can find.  If anyone has any experience regards VA and these ailments, please opine. 

I was in physical therapy for 5 weeks after an incident (unknown, i.e., stepped off a curb?) brought severe pain to my lower back.  I believe the Segmental Dysfunction to be a permanent thing and the Spasm to be a, be-careful, type thing.  LOL, I’m not doctor. 

I believe I will be claiming these two new conditions, “secondary” to my already service connected Thoracolumbar DJD & DDD, but am interested in if they are in the same rating scheme or are separate rated conditions. 

I know, I will find out when I claim, just looking for personal experiences. 

As always,