Hello Everyone,

some months back after receiving SMC L1 for A&A, I filed for a half bump increase due to a 50% unrelated disability (Sleep Apnea). To my surprise, this turned into a Higher Level Review (HLR). The result was my A&A was turned into SMC S1 bashed on the VA’s determination that the rater granted for non service related disabilities. I found that odd due to the fact that I am rated 100% PTSD with the Psychiatrist Evaluation clearly stating that I was a danger to myself or others. I really didn’t know how to appeal and decided to leave it alone until my other claim came back. 
I just received the results of my new claim awarding me A&A for 100% rated loss of use of both feet. I was awarded SMC L1. Which brings me to my questions:

1. Shouldn’t this have been awarded at least SMC N 1/2 based on another 100% rated disability and then another half step for my unrelated 50% Sleep Apnea?

2. How do I turn this into what I believe should be SMC R1 due to 2 A&A? The VA said I would need to file a new claim, contradicting what the website says. Do I just upload Buddy Letters in the new Buddy Letter forms with the Psychiatrist Evaluation (highlighting the danger to self/others)

I am sorry if this doesn’t make sense and is confusing.

 Thank You Very Much!