Medical Opinion Letter – Hearing Loss/Tinnitus

VA Disability

THANKS to you both for responding. I will work on this some more before going to expense of the IMO letter on this….especially for tinnitus. Yes, I had a C & P which was very detailed and opinion no service connection. Yes, I got a denial on both hearing loss and tinnitus. Yes, USArmy – combat infantry badge, and MOS was 11C – mortars and 11B – infantry. Vietnam March 69 to May 70… 14 months in infantry/mortars for entire tour…extended 2 months to get OUT.
For now, I am going to back to VA for a hearing test re-do and to try to better explain the tinnitus – than I did previously. I will probably try to use Dr. Bash on claim for asthma/breathing that I have not filed yet. I had minor hearing loss but was A-OK on being able to identify words…so probably my only claim is for the ‘winable’ claim is for the tinnitus. (I also have a denial for sleep apnea…but that’s another story.) oh well.
So I will work on this some more before proceeding with appeal. Do appreciate the confirmation on Dr. Bash… THANKS AGAIN… Jim S.
(and for the marine — just started Matador — so adjusting from Army to Marines… and was enlisted and that book seems to written from a lt. perspective…)
Best to you both…Jim S



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