Medical opinion

VA Disability

Just looking for some opinions and input on how my claim sounds like its going to anyone else. I filed my claim for arthritis with a dbq. Shortly after that it was sent out for a medical opinion, which was completed by a contract doc within days. It then sat for 2 months while they worked out some “i.t.” issue. It has gone back to the same doc for clarification, however, I don’t know what particularly for. I still haven’t been requested to go to an in person exam, and the va says they don’t see any requests for new exams. In the meantime my estimated completion date went from April 17th to March 29th then to July 1st (I know va.gov or ebenefits is worth much). Wondering if anyone wants to speculate whether things seem to be looking good for me, or starting to turn down hill. Also, does anybody know if the completion date is computer generated or manually?



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