Memphis woman back working at VA after being charged with aggravated assault

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Turner is still employed and her salary paid for by the taxpayers. Higgins believes this would never happen at any other job.
“They’d be fired. They wouldn’t be at work. They would be on a leave of absence or something until adjudication of the case. Who would feel safe with someone like that in the building?,” said Higgins.
That’s a question we posed to the Memphis VA. A spokesperson confirmed Turner’s employment and told FOX13 via email, “The incident referenced did not occur at our Medical Center or during her tour of duty. All inquiries relative to Ms. Turner’s case and legal status are considered a police matter.”
We also posed the very same question to the U.S. Secretary of Veteran Affairs, David Shulkin. His office in Washington had a very different response.
They said, “This behavior is not in line with the norms and values of the VA, and as a result she is being processed for immediate removal from employment at the VA.”
Higgins believes that it’s the inconsistencies and lack of accountability at the Memphis VA Medical Center that has led to the facility being one of the lowest ranking VA’s in the country. Back in March, another employee kept her job after being arrested for a third DUI and spending 90 days in jail. Higgins believes this all needs to end.

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