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Meniers Disease/ Endolymphatic Hydrops NOD & congressional inquiry

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Hello all, i’ll summarize the best I can. Submitted a claim for hearing loss % increase and ear infections early 2017. I was already granted connection for left ear hearing loss at 0% and tinnitus. Appeal comes back denied dec 2017 and then NOD process begins. Nothing claim/appeal wise is done up until July 2019 after i submit another new claim for meneirs secondary to vertigo, or something to that extent (VSO did it). The vEarly 2019 i was diagnosed and treated for meneirs from VA ent. Civilian nurse practitioner (arnp) ENT diagnoses and gives me a dqb/nexus statement 51% or greater for meniers. After claim is submitted C&P occurs and she tells me & then i read afterwords a favorable dbq/nexus/medical opinion (whichever the proper term) at 51% or greater it was caused due to my service. MEPS physical shows ears and hearing normal prior to enlistment in 2008. The va responds that they cannot process this claim and it’ll be added to my NOD. Issues starting in 2009 and are still current. My NOD is 3 months short of 2 years, granted I just added more info so i understand that. I got the va claims bureau chiefs number here in st.petersburg FLorida and I’ve spoke to him twice. He told me about 2 months ago I should have an answer in less than 2 months. Two months passes and nothing so i spoke to him again and he then says less than 6 months he is 100% certain I will receive a decision from a DRO, since that is what i selected in 2017. With 2 c&ps occurring after the 2019 claim in august, all paperwork is needed and submitted and i opted out with the option that I have no additional evidence to submit so they can start the process. A few weeks ago I did a congressional inquiry to see what the hold up is after being misinformed (no surprise, I know) by the va claims chief at my RO. I am still on legacy also. I am just confused with all paperwork, medical records, medical opinion, dbq/nexus, etc etc all being favorable, what is the hold up or issue? My claim has been “being reviewed by DRO” since early last year.
My question is has anyone recently did a congressional inquiry with any benefits or opposite of?
Anyone else on here currently or previously filed for meneirs disease or endolymphatic hydrops? How was your process and what was your outcome?


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