Mods and ALL here

You all do a great job in trying your best to answer the many questions we get.

I will not be here for quite some time this month—am having work done on my house as well as work done on my farm and it will get hectic…pasture reclamation and crop rotation, porch roofing work ( on 4 porches)  etc etc

It might take only a week , maybe ,starting next week ( maybe)  but even longer as the weather will control some of it–

If I get a hadit  email notification from say a new widow member or something that needs attention right away,like a BWN AO vet question,  I will try to respond.

I know you will all continue to do a great job here to keep the hadit ship afloat!

Also if I get any new info on the burn pit situation I will post that here too.But I think the recent Secretary’s info, posted here recently is all we will get for a while on Burn Pit legislation. Any Affected veteran should definitely file their claim if they have any upper respiratory disability that they feel is due to their exposure to the burn pits.

Thanks! Berta