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What does ETS stand for in the Army?

Posted 27 November 2007 – 11:24 PM

Final Answer
I wonder if the Vietnam vets who believe it means “Estimated Time of Separation” as opposed to “Expiration of Time of Service” aren’t correct for their time in service during a war with the draft in place where Uncle Sam could decide when you left so your ETS was an “estimate” vs the younger troops (like myself who served right afterwards – hey, almost 50 and in the “younger” group for a change!!) who joined the volunteer Army and had a contract end date, hence, Expiration of Time of Service, which, for us, may be equally correct. Doesn’t much matter anyway since hip pocket orders have always been Uncle’s option.
Again, thanks to all who replied. I appreciate the help. I figure if we can’t come to a consensus here on hadit then the VA won’t know the difference if I spell it out wrong and my civie shrink surely doesn’t have a clue so I’ll just flip a coin.
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