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A study well worth doing and following for veterans of all era’s. As I read more about TBI I see that some of the symptoms that were once attributed to PTSD may also be symptoms of TBI. This is why it is so important to let the VA know if you suffered any kind of significant impact to your noggin including blasts. Did you know you don’t have to unconscious to have a concussion? I found that out a couple of years ago.
Navy SEAL brain study examines blast injuries | UTSanDiego.com By Jeanette Steele 4:50 P.M. DEC. 10, 2014
A pilot study in San Diego will look at how Navy SEAL brains are affected by repeated blasts, research with possible implications for other Americans who suffer brain injuries.

Two U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs researchers will use $30,000 in privately raised funds for what’s being called the “SEAL Breacher Study,” referring to the military term for using explosives to blow open a door.”

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