Need help with VA Form 21-674 (School Attendance)

VA Disability

This is my first time posting so I hope you can help me.  Both myself and I are USAF Veterans. My husband is a disabled vet with service related injury.  One of our kids is turning 18 yr on April 14, 2017 but she is still currently in high school.  We received a letter with a Form 21-674c attached.  

The letter stated:

“You have been receiving payments for a child who will reach age 18 soon.  The payments will be discontinued on April 14, 2017, the child’s 18th birthday, UNLESS you submit evidence to establish the child’s continuing dependency.  Payments for a child between the ages of 18-23 may be made if the child is pursuing a course of instruction approved by the VA, provided the child is unmarried.  You may use the attached form to request continued payments based on school attendance if you have not already done so.”

My confusion is this:  she is still in high school!  She won’t graduated high school until June and then she will start at the local Community College sometime in August.  I am confused as to what I am filling out and which “school” information I am putting (high school she is currently enrolled or the future college name) and the dates of the “beginning/ending” terms.

Thank you.



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