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Good morning everyone.  I have a couple of questions I was hoping to get some advice on.

#1.  If my conditions are rated at “static” and I file for a totally different condition are all of my conditions reviewable even if they are listed as static?

#2. If a condition of mine is static (knees) and I file for a secondary (say hip condition) are my knees reviewable also?

#3.  I have been treated for Glaucoma for about 6 years now due to pressures in my eyes running high (up to 50 at one point before I got treated by my private Dr).  Even though no damage was done the Dr has me on nightly drops for the rest of my life to control my pressures.  Note I have not been actually tagged with the label of having Glaucoma, but they are treating me now so it doesn’t go full blown Glaucoma.  While in the military during one of my eye exams the Dr noted in my record that I was a “Glaucoma suspect”.  Now, with that small entry and no more data from the military what is everyone’s advice on filing a claim for this? I tried once and the VA denied it.

As always, thank you all for the guidance here.  This forum is awesome!