New Claim showing up ?



I have a current claim for PTSD increase. I’m currently at 50 percent. I had a C&P exam and I also had my physiatrist who prescribed meds and my LCSW therapist send in the notes. This is sitting in gathering evidence. 

that’s accurate however I’m noticing claims in ebenefits and the vet .gov site saying claim closed for 

  • Payment Issue (New)

I don’t even know what this is. It’s showing up as a second claim that’s like i submitted a new claim and I didn’t. The only claim that should be open is my request for PTSD increase. This was showing up when I had my Sleep apnea secondary to ptsd denied. This on the 23rd of Dec I see this new claim again listed as Payment Issue. I plan on calling but have anyone ever seen this ??


thank you