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New Claims Filed During Pandemic

VA Disability

Who all have new claims filed since the beginning of the pandemic?  

I submitted new claims on 4/30/2020 for the following:

1. (NEW) SMC-K for loss of use of left foot due to foot drop and loss of dorsiflexion. I’m not sure what exactly caused this but it happened after left foot surgery in 2015 to rebuild the arch that dropped due to service connected pes planus. I had developed tarsal tunnel syndrome and surgery was to help with it. If this is granted, I will file for an earlier effective date. 

2. (NEW) SMC-K for physical loss of both testicles due to service connected testicular atrophy. I was service connected for testicular atrophy effective 1/24/2012.  If this is granted I will file for an earlier effect date.  

3. (NEW) Temporary 100% for right ankle surgery I had in February 2020.

4. (INC) Residuals Right Ankle Sprain With Achilles Tendonitis. I didn’t actually file an increase for this but I guess it was added as part of the temporary 100%.  

There were exams ordered with LHI but due to the pandemic, they could not be scheduled. I called LHI last week and they say the VA still hasn’t cleared them to start back doing in person exams. I checked eBenefits yesterday and I saw that the temporary 100% was granted effective 2/12/2020 (surgery day) to 4/1/2020. I submitted all of surgery notes and notes from my follow up visits so no surprise here. I then checked and saw that 2 more requests were put in.  Of course I kept investigating because that’s how I am so I went to LHI’s website and noticed that the DBQ for knee and lower leg was deleted.  Not sure why that would have been ordered anyway.  

Now my claim has got to the ‘review of evidence’ phase and I haven’t any exams yet.  I know that many here say that eBenefits isn’t accurate but I’ve always found mine to be pretty accurate.  

Anyone else have weird things going on with claims now during the pandemic?  


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